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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fundraise More or More Effectively...

The economy, as it relates to elementary schools, is in trouble.  Especially when it comes to school fundraising and supporting school programs.  In order to make up for school budget cuts, schools have to fundraise more or more effectively to avoid 'fundraising fatigue'.

If a school is offering a non-stop supply of magazines, cookie dough, candy, events, spirit night and the like, it's no surprise that fundraising revenue dwindles.

Here are some tips to avoid burning out parents and the community:

• Fundraise less - track your results and concentrate on what works best.  Limit the number of groups fundraising and avoid multiple fundraisers at the same time wherever possible.

• Set Goals - Knowing how important a fundraiser is to the school or group will determine how others feel about it as well.  If a school has a forgettable fundraiser, people will 'forget' to participate.

• Know what works - is there something in your area that works well?  Perhaps parents are quite familiar with cookie dough fundraisers.  If you were to offer cookie dough to your group would it earn extra sales because the community is already familiar with it?

So, choose the right fundraisers.  Insist that each be done well and track the progress.  When schools are ready and able to host high-grossing elementary school fundraisers make it the main fundraiser and put every available effort behind it.

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