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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Features - BelieveJay Elementary School Fundraising

Yep, there's some new features on the BelieveJay Elementary School Fundraising News blog! It looks a bit funny that this is retroactive to all previous posts but we'll just roll with it.

New features include a way to share my blog posts with users on other platforms such as twitter and Facebook. This is really easy to use and I already am a big fan!

Secondly, there is a reaction area where you can just check a box to indicate your level of interest and let folks know if you thought the post was cool or not :)

I hope you like the new features and yes, I blog pretty often but we've got a bit of a specialty market with the whole elementary school fundraising thing so don't expect thousands or coolness marks.

Ok, please share anything you can from the blog that you find valuable. Give it a shot and put a checkmark on cool below. Thanks!!

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