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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Easy Ways to Support Education

We've been launching a lot of new videos lately about the importance of supporting school fundraisers this year. Please keep in mind, that there are many ways to support your child and his/her school. The budget crisis really has affected schools nationally. It is important now more than ever to get involved in your child's school.

Volunteer to help after school.

We all know that several school programs are being cut due to budget shortfalls, but you can help put a stop to that simply by volunteering your time. You can volunteer to lead an art class, music class, or reading class. If you are great at working with your hands, you can offer to help build the set for a school play, paint the backdrops, or run the lights. Or you can simply volunteer your time by offering to be an extra set of hands at school practices, taking tickets at school functions, or calling other parents to help volunteer.

Volunteer to help in the classroom.

If your schedule permits you to have free time during the day, volunteer to help your child's teacher in class. You can help by reading books, being an extra set of hands during craft time, or distributing materials like papers, pencils, and books. The teacher will be glad to have an extra set of hands during the day, and your child will love to see you at school.

Donate school items.

Almost every school has a list of needed school supplies. You can help by going through some of your child's old books and donating them to the school library. Or buying some packs of pencils and papers and giving them to the school. You can even look through some of your child's old coats and donate them to the school for children who may not be able to afford a coat. Any donation helps.

Attend PTA meetings.

Becoming involved in your school's PTA is one of the best ways to stay informed on everything that is happening. You will learn why the school needs to have a fundraiser and what that money will go to. You will find all kinds of opportunities to volunteer and become involved in your child's school. You will also form a network of other parents that are in a similar boat as you. Joining the PTA gives you the most options for coming together with other adults and finding solutions for the needs of the school.

Support the main school fundraiser.

If your child brings home a fundraising packet this year,
please do not discard it.

Every school has their indiviual reasons for raising funds. Not just to pay for things that aren't critical but to impact education directly for each and every child in school. We know that education is the most important cause today and yet, children can't speak up for themselves to let us know just how important it is.

It is not widely recognized as being critically important because most of us do not have a chance to see inside the classroom. Rest assured. From the Principal to administrators to teachers and parent groups, funds donated are utilized in the best way possible. Schools use what they are given and take full advantage of their resources.Please support a child and a school.

Whether it be time or money, anything you do to help a school this year is important. Please realize that your help and participation at your child's school really does make a difference. A big one.

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