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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fundraising becomes vital for programs - not extras!

I was really interested to read this news story:

Fundraising becoming vital for school programs

It's obvious the problem of school funding is nearing a crossroads. Budget cuts that now have the PTA raising funds for vital programs. With any luck, we'll hit bottom soon and realize that what our schools need a new path. An invigoration - Renewed hope.

Right now is such an exciting time in our schools!

I believe we are on the cusp of integrating technology and hand-held devices that will revolutionize learning in the classroom and our schools will soon go paperless.

I believe we will have a new two-way learning experience where teachers and students will discover together and not just recite fact.

Schools will become a centralized place where groups of like-minded students will collaborate in ways we haven't imagined yet and still, distance will no longer be a factor for those needing to connect digitally. Reaching out to experts in the field or distance learners will be immediate and commonplace.

It's time we put schools first for a while.

Collectively, we will decide what is paid for by parents and what is Government paid and what will remain an obligation of fundraising companies and the PTA or other parent group that will assist in the efforts to make funding schools a community issue.

What's clear is parents will have to come to terms with the fact that throwing out a fundraising packet or making a token contribution of $20 per family or something like that is not going to fund the extras that the school requires.

If parent groups are now going to be supplying vital programs and even school supplies, schools will need to ask parents for hundreds per semester.

Schools will need to get behind fundraising efforts like never before and simplify and prioritize their fundraisers ensuring maximum results.

Government will need to step up and realize that music and art and special ed and technology and having a school nurse is part of what we expect out of today's core curriculum and are not extras.

We need to get the word out to the community that schools are not existing properly without their input and contributions.

Community-wide efforts can bring about new and renewed support for schools and when a community knows a school is in trouble and is given a way to help, we see them rise to the occasion.

Recent school budget cuts may just be the catalyst the community needs to contribute financially to local schools.

Businesses can stop thinking about education as an industry and think of it more of a charity. Companies that are able should put more effort on local schools in any way they can including providing free products, grants and scholarships.

Creating products for education or charging less for existing technology would also be of great assistance.

We'll see what develops but I'm sure you agree that putting focus on our schools will help and it's a great investment.


Jay Moneta is the vice President of Believe Kids Fundraising. I can be reached here by leaving comments or on twitter. Thanks for taking a look! Please forward on the link if you found the information valuable.

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