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Monday, September 2, 2013

25 Contests & Promotions for Elementary School Principals

With Fall Fundraising quickly upon us, simple promotions that create teamwork should be implemented. 

This prior post about fundraising promotions and challenges will help any school pick a promotion for their next fundraiser! 

This is starting to sound like some sort of advertisement.  The thing is, there are a number of benefits for any school willing to involve the principal in their school fundraising.  Additional participation and subsequent higher revenue being the most notable. Secondly, there really isn't any reason not to throw a contest or challenge because it's free or close to free!  Lastly, it only takes a minute or two to really help with the fundraiser!

Create a sense of teamwork and everyone wins! So, go ahead and follow the link here for the original 25 ideas presentation.  Thanks!!


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Megan Jones said...

I had never really thought about team work being a good motivator for fund raising. When I was younger, it was about getting the cool prizes. I never got them, but it was still good for the school that I had brought in some money. It just depends on the kind of fund raiser it is.